adidas Originals Stan Smith classic small white shoes

When it comes to adidas Originals Stan Smith, it is considered to be the world’s best-selling sneaker by Guinness World Records. The Stan Smith collection is truly a masterpiece of white sneakers, but why is it so popular? Here’s a look at the secrets of Stan Smith’s birth, how to dress it, and the most notable items.

Born in 1964, adidas Originals Stan Smith has been running the shoe industry for more than 50 years. It is considered as the most classic little white shoes. Stan Smith has a variety of color schemes, one of the most famous being the iconic ‘green tail’ and ‘red tail’.

Tennis has a very strict dress code compared to other sports, requiring all-white leather sneakers, so adidas replaced the distinctive 3-STRIPES with three lines of air holes. The move freed adidas from stereotypes and not only made the shoes look cleaner, but also reflected the brand’s new future.

Phoebe Philo greets at the end of CELINE’s Fall/winter 2011-12 collection.
Since 2000, when environmental problems became more serious, fashion trends have become more closely related to social background. As Raf Simons and Pharrell Williams collaborated with Stan Smith on shoe collections, and Phoebe Philo wore Stan Smith in her everyday wardrobe, Stan Smith’s minimalist design reached its peak of influence around the world.

adidas by Stella McCartney has been promoting joint branding since 2005.
In 2018, Stella McCartney released her first vegan leather “Stella # Stan Smith.” adidas’s main strategy is to “END PLASTIC WASTE”, which is more environmentally responsible than any other brand. Stan Smith’s announcement in 2020 that he was switching to recycled material caused quite a stir, but it was the fashion industry that reinforced the idea, particularly Stella McCartney.

From minimalist to flamboyant — Fashion trends
Stan Smith is known for his classic, and it’s fair to say he’s the world’s best-loved sneaker. This is a pair of versatile shoes do not pick styling style, if you want to show a minimalist clean atmosphere, with a single color will be more finishing touch. From a wide cut that gives off a relaxed and casual feel to a narrow tapered cut, you can match the elegance of the pants.

Also, white paper Stan Smith is perfect for colorful prints. With eye-catching patterned stockings that can be seen from the bottom of the trousers, they can also naturally highlight the key points of the overall outfit.

Stan Smith Comfort’s design, known as Velcro, is easy to put on and off, and it has a very loyal fan base. By eliminating the LACES of the design, a more minimalist, more simple foot modeling.

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